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Hadithi hadithi

by Wordbenda

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Hadithi hadithi is a traditional Kenyan refrain that would be sung in preparation for story time.
It was a call and response to engage the children's attention before they received oral stories where social norms and historical events were passed on.
Hadithi hadithi is a historical account of Kenya told through a girls personification.


Hadithi hadithi, hadithi njoo (Story story, story come)
Hadithi hadithi, hadithi njoo (Story story, story come)
Hadithi hadithi, hadithi njoo (Story story, story come)
Kenya, Girl, Write ya storo (Kenya, Girl, Write your story)

Pregnant wit a ball Momma in Maternity
Dem no wanna see her baby dem wan see calamity
Birth pain Momma strain to give life to she
Struggle but she battle n got da victory/
Beautiful lika gyal, green like a tree
Ina di heart of Africa, make a home for she
Her love a scuba deep like Rift Valley
_Sweet like banana up di hills pon Kisii//

She travel Eldoret travel hadi Pwani
Warm smile pon her face dress nice n sunny
Blessed wit da best talents she a shine
She progress no less dan Gold pon da finish line///
Future so bright ya need RayBans fi di light
Njaro Kilimanjaro she achieve di greatest height
Dem try smite she nah fright History a rewrite
She da bomb! Gyal be Dynamite!!////
She grow a lika older, now she never sober
Always hangover, Seduced by Range Rover
Its so late n she not nah go home
She let hyenas into her Naht no go zone/
Dooped by dem older man Call her Gikosh coz now she Second hand
She nah overstand dema villan man sinister dem a robber man
Fat stacks tucked in deh tummy stacked up ina di rubber band
Dem wanna taste of her lips n hips n sleep wit no wedding band//

Oh no, gyal look she pon her knees!
Not October, scary like Haloween
Moreover she nah care for family///
Dem try show her, she prickly cactus tree
Self esteem feel di power lower before her Anniversary
Pretty poet she sing redemption songs like Bob Marley
Runabout di Roundabout rub out burns pon her skin
Dis gyal be familiar; do ya recognize she?////
Terror attack she give massive solidarity
Di vanity vanishes revealing caring humanity
Wakti wa uchaguzi, love voted out_gone (Voting time, love voted out_gone)
Mbona anasasahau her National song!?/ (Why does she forget her National song?)
Ah,Ee Mungu nguvu yetu (Oh God of all creation)
Ilete baraka kwetu (Bless this our land and nation)
Haki iwe ngao na mlinzi (Justice be our shield and defender)
Natukae kwa Undugu na Amani // (May we dwell in unity and peace)


released June 4, 2014
Production: Gittx of Rhymex Music
Lead performance and vocals: David Chungi aka Wordbenda
Backup vocals: Nehemiah, Wacera


all rights reserved



Wordbenda Nairobi, Kenya

Real life experiences, freedom struggle and overcoming the tag of underdog are key themes in Wordbenda’s art. A listen to his work is like a walk in an art gallery with pictures of a man trying to please God in this voyage called life, a young lion learning to emulate his Father Lion.

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